Your organization tells a story with every written document.

Is it the story you want to tell?

Whether organized in a single content management system or scattered among dozens of different homes, every document with your name on it becomes part of your organization’s anthology.

An anthology is a collection of written material. It’s the words, ideas, brainstorming notes, and proprietary magic that interpret your company’s identity onto the page or screen. Internal documents, proposals, training manuals, articles….it all tells the story of your organization.

Anthology Writing and Communications’ foundation is a life-long love and talent for writing – but our mission is to go miles beyond simple word choice and grammar. Founder Sarah Collins partners with companies throughout a variety of industries to hone their story and craft their anthology – whether it’s the translation of a feeling into a brochure; a differentiator weaved throughout a proposal; or motivation jumping from the pages of a training guide, it all matters.

With professional writing experience in industries such as engineering and construction, real estate, health care, retail, personal growth, and information technology, Anthology brings the experience, talent, research, and love-of-craft required to serve as an extension of your team.


Whether you need a proposal, a white paper, or document management assistance, Anthology can help.
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Professional Writing

From proposals to presentations, Anthology offers comprehensive writing and document design services.

Document Management

A lack of organization or version control can cause redundant efforts, errors, and missed opportunities. Anthology provides a variety of document management solutions tailored to the way you work.

Custom Solutions

Whether you need assistance with the look and feel of your documents, want to gain a fresh perspective on existing content, or have questions on how to save time and increase impact, Anthology offers custom solutions including consulting (in person and remote), branding guideline development, and training.